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LOCAL SUPPLY Bruce Waynes Sunset Mirror Sunglasses
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After mourning one too many pairs of designer sunglasses gone missing or smashed after a raucous evening, a group of friends teamed up to create durable, high-quality shades that cost less than a night out. Australian brand Local Supply has only one style, modeled after the ubiquitous, good-on-everyone wayfarer, with a wide variety of frame and lens colors to choose from, named for and inspired by pop culture icons.

Inspired by millionaire Bruce Wayne, who awaits the nighttime to fight crime as his dark-knight alter ego, these matte black frames are accented with fiery, gradiented lenses. The scratch and impact-resistant lenses are 100% UV-protected and polarized. Included is Local Supply's signature red sunglasses strap and a microfiber carrying pouch/cleansing cloth.

Made in Taiwan.

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