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Opening Ceremony Logo OC Logo Beanie

style: ST74215



Get Personal with our in-house embroidery program, which offers a wide selection of custom-made prints exclusively at OC. Pick your favorite embroidery, drag and drop on to the desired placement, and add to your shopping cart. That's it!

  • Fold-over brim
  • Rubber OC box logo patch
  • Rib knit
  • 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
  • Imported


From angry to eager, let your attitude be known through OC's custom embroidery program which, features Ren and Stimpy patches that come in 25 different moods. Size and pricing vary based on each patch. Reference Size & Fit for measurement information to make sure your mood patch will fit.



    Angry Ren
  • Height& colon; 2in, Width: 4.6in

    Burnt Out Ren
  • Height:2.75in, Width: 2.5in

    Celebratory Ren
  • Height: 3.25in, Width: 1.7in

    Cheezy Stimpy
  • Height: 2.9in, Width: 2.1in

    Choking Stimpy
  • Height: 3.3in, Width: 2.3in

    Confused Ren
  • Height: 2.75in, Width: 2.5in

    Crazy Ren
  • Height: 4.25in, Width: 3.25in

    Crazy Ren and Stimpy
  • Height: 2in, Width: 3.3in

    Crecking Up Stimpy
  • Height: 2.75in, Width: 2in

    Dazed Ren
  • Height: 2.6in, Width: 2.25in

    Duufy Stimpy
  • Height: 2in, Width: 2.1in

    Eager Stimpy
  • Height: 2.9in, Width: 2.3in

    Educated Stimpy
  • Height: 2.9in, Width: 2in

  • Height: 3in, Width: 3.5in

    Happy Ren
  • Height:2.7in, Width: 2.7in

    Happy Ren
  • Height: 3.25in, Width: 1.5in

    Jolly Ren and Stimpy
  • Height: 2.1in, Width: 2.5in

    Mushy Stimpy
  • Height: 2.9in, Width: 2.1in

    Nurse Stimpy
  • Height: 2.7in, Width: 2.3in

    Posh Ren and Stimpy
  • Height: 4.6in, Width: 5.75in

    Psycho Ren
  • Height: 2.5in, Width: 2.6in

    Ren and Stimpy Bump
  • Height: 3in, Width: 4.3in

    Sad Ren
  • Height:2.6in, Width: 2.6in

    Smile Stimpy
  • Height: 2.9in, Width: 2in

    Smirky Ren
  • Height: 3.25in, Width: 2.25in


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