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Backstage Beauty at OC Fall/Winter 2014

BY Dana Melanz | Wed. February 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM | OC
Models are lucky enough to have those good genes that make them stunning as they walk the runway, but there's still work to be done backstage to create a cohesive look. At Opening Ceremony's FALL/WINTER 2014 show, we saw a flushed, youthful glow from makeup artist Aaron de Mey for Sephora topped off with a tousled hairstyle by Anthony Turner for BUMBLE AND BUMBLE. Dr. Jart provided super hydration with a mask and creams to start the glowing look off right, and NAOMI YASUDA rounded off the look with a vibrant, geometric manicure with polish by Essie. All simple enough to try out, with a visually striking effect when put together. As the models were prepped, we got the low-down on your new favorite beauty regimen.

The first stop was the Dr. Jart table, where everyone was given a quick facial for a clean slate. "It's all about your skin as the first line of defense," Joy Fennell of Dr. Jart said. "We put on a mask that instantly infuses hydration and helps with the skin's elasticity." 

After a fresh start, the next step was makeup. Aaron de Mey and Sephora worked with Carol and Humberto to put together a sophisticated yet cool look for the aspirational Antwerp girl. "It's all about flushed, radiant skin with a purpley-pink undertone," Aaron explained, "The color we used on the cheeks is the new 'Radiant Orchid' by Sephora, which works on nearly everyone because of its blue base. But with bold cheeks, everything else should be neutral, so we kept a natural lip and glossy eyes." For easy illuminated eyelids, Aaron's pro-tip is to use a natural lip balm which gives the sheen seen on the catwalk.

To suit a natural, low-key makeup look, you need a fitting hairstyle. Hairstylist Anthony Turner for BUMBLE AND BUMBLE told us, "The inspiration for the show was Antwerp, so Carol, Humberto, and I came up with the notion that the OC girl was a cool art student who wants to look a little like the boy she wants to date. This created an easy-going but sort of androgynous look."

Finishing off the strikingly unfussy look were NAOMI YASUDA's geometric manicures, created using polish from Essie. "When Carol and Humberto first showed me the collection, I noticed all the beautiful lines in it, and I tried to describe that through the nails. But instead of creating a uniform nail look, I did it so every nail looks different." While Naomi's pro kit includes every kind of brush you could think of, she mentioned that you can easily paint sharp shapes by using Scotch tape at various angles.

Photos by Matthew Kelly, James Parker, Ben Shapiro, Meghan Benson, and Greg Kessler