J'adorbs! Have you ever seen anything cozier? I feel the same way about this jacket as I do about my Tempur-Pedic mattress. However, I can only walk around wearing one, so I guess this wins! The mesh pieces are great for layering. Worn with a Resort Vena Cava skirt. As a dress with a cotton attached skirt. A simple dress with a sweet pattern. Yes please!

Resort Report: Viva Vena by Vena Cava

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | extra extra,OC
What sets Vena Cava’s new line of basics apart from other tee lines is that they’re not afraid to throw in a signature native-turned-deco pattern or two – which is good – because that’s exactly what we’d imagine a Vena Cava basic to look like (as evidenced by their spin on other classics, like these converse). Beyond tees and sweats, the line features printed dresses akin to those in the Vena collection, but where one has silk, the other is made of $100 cotton that makes you feel like you’re wearing something fancy without actually having to deal with all the caution that comes with wearing a nice dress in the summertime heat (iced coffee spills, sweating, eew…)
We stopped by their sales office to see the Viva Vena collection in person, and when we got our hands on the super soft collection, we couldn’t really help but try it on for ourselves. We were all about the fact that every piece went perfectly with what we were already wearing, without making us feel like we were just wearing a basic no-brainer grey tee. I guess that’s the sign of a well-done essentials collection if I’ve ever seen one. Right?
Check out Kate sporting some of the pieces, worn with the denim cut offs, bobby socks, and penny loafers she walked in wearing.

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