1. The double collar: Theodore's signature look of collared shirts worn under non-collared shirts served as the starting point for our two-in-one button-downs. We jumped at the opportunity to create a new kind of garment––one that appears to be two shirts, but that's really just one. Not sure how that works? Try on the COLLARED LONG-SLEEVE SHIRT for yourself and see!  2. The tech pocket: In the film, Joaquin Phoenix's character Theodore Twombly props his phone up inside his shirt pocket with the help of a safety pin. This way, his operating system Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) can see and experience everything he does. When designing the pockets, like the one on this DEVICE POCKET LONG-SLEEVE RINGER TEE, we drew from the film's tech-friendly sartorialism. 3. The urban skyline: The skyline on the Skyline Crewneck Sweater is taken directly from the film's smoggy-yet-dreamy cityscape from the not-so-distant future.  4. The high-waisted pant: "I don’t know exactly how we arrived at the high-waisted pants, but I think when Spike wrote the character, he had Theodore Roosevelt in mind," said Casey Storm in our interview about the film's costumes. "Joaquin's pants throughout the film also have a really tapered leg, based on late 1800s pants for riding horses. The vintage pants I found [as inspiration] were from a costume house, and when I tried them on Joaquin, it just looked right. It looked interesting and weird, but it felt comfortable and casual and a little sloppy." The waistlines in the Her by OC collection borrowed directly from this slightly dorky silhouette, like on these High-Waisted Side Tab Trousers (pictured on a woman). 5. Colorblocking: When working off of the film's stills, our super sharp-eyed design team was drawn to one particular outfit in a beach scene, in which you can spot a head-to-toe striped look. So we created sets of panel-blocked hoodies, shirts, and sweatpants in colors borrowed from the film's red-intensive palette. Pictured here are the charcoal combo-colored SWEATPANTS and RUGBY SHIRT, which look the coolest when worn together. Just sayin'!

5 Things We Love from the Her by OC Collection

BY OC Family | Mon. January 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM | OC,A la Mode
Last night at the Golden Globes, filmmaker and dear friend of OC Spike Jonze hit it out of the park, winning Best Screenplay for his new film Her. To celebrate this massive honor, we've pulled out our five favorite things about the unisex Her by Opening Ceremony collection we designed inspired by costume designer Casey Storm's wardrobe for the movie. Check it out below!

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