A photo Pam's boyfriend, Jordan Sullivan took while on vacation in New Mexico. I actually borrowed this from a friend of mine as a reference a while back and had trouble returning it on account of it being one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life.  It’s a double bar cross from Spain. The details on both sides are really incredible, from the stones down to the skull and cross bones at the bottom. I have had this wooden snake since I was little.  He has a really nice smile and doesn’t look menacing in any way, which I think is awesome.  I use snake imagery a lot in my own jewelry.  This is one of a few pieces that fueled my obsession.

I got this little child's ring in Arizona.  It’s the Native American symbol for love and peace, which I also have tattooed on my middle finger.  When I first got that tattoo I wanted to hide it from my mom and I used to wear this ring on top of it.  That only worked for like, 3 days.

When I was younger I collected cameos.  Most of them were fake.  This ring might be one of the first real cameos I received.  My mom gave it to me for my college graduation, so it’s especially important to me. This was the second cameo I ever got.  I bought it for ten dollars at a Salvation Army when I was young…and it turned out to be a real cameo, not plastic!  That’s always very exciting. I like giant earrings and these are GIANT.  They are a bit girly for my taste, but I love how long and ornate they are. This guy has a really funny smile and I love the details of his tongue and teeth.  It's not often that you see so much attention paid to the inside on an animal’s mouth on a piece of jewelry. I got this knife for 3 dollars and it has come in very handy.  I got the crystal at the same time so I just put them together. An ocarina is an ancient flute instrument.  This is an ocarina on a necklace.  It makes me really happy for some reason.  I got it in New Mexico along with a much larger ocarina that was painted to look like a day of the dead skull…another one of my favorite things. This snake cuff is an original Whiting and Davis. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I found it on eBay in a desperate search for more snake jewelry my senior year of high school. This is one of the most badass rings from the 1980’s that I have ever come across. Nothing is sexier and tougher than zippers and tarnished metal. This was my grandmother's.  It is an Elsa Peretti perfume bottle.  It is in need of a good polish, but I think it looks sort of nice all grungy like this. The jade top is also really pretty.

 When I was in elementary school I had a bird named Polly.  My mom read somewhere that breathing in their "droppings" can cause lung cancer, so she made me give her away.  It was one of the most devastating times of my life.  I loved that bird so much.  I put one of her feathers and her picture inside this tiny locket that my grandmother gave me and I've had it ever since.

I got these hand painted beads from Mexico when I was about ten.  I love the colors. These giant beads are palm tree seeds.  Can you believe that!?  It’s a little to0 Flinstone-y to wear but I really like the idea of palm tree seeds as beads. As a Jew I have always found it hard to find a Star of David pendant that I actually like.  My mom got me this, though I really can't remember where she gave it to me.   She claims that the guy who made it said it was a Star of David but who knows, it might just be a flower.  Either way, I've had it since middle school and I really love it. I lost one of the stones recently but I think it gives it nice character. I got this silver necklace at an antique store in Florida.   It’s just beautiful in every way.  It's tough and feminine at the same time, and feels a little barbaric, but is still elegant. This is a necklace made out of nooses.  It’s a little morbid, but pretty funny in a way.  I can’t remember how I came across this one.

This ring is another piece I ended up with randomly.  I threw it on a chain with a bunch of other antique rings and a Grateful Dead dancing bear ring that is really hilarious, but this ring itself has amazing detail and the stone looks like an eye.

These earrings are really silly looking on, but as objects I think they are fantastic.  They are silver and red snakeskin snake earrings.  I got them on the street in Williamsburg, BK from an old lady who sells antique jewelry on the weekends.  Again, I like snakes. This charm is so weird and great.  It says, “in case of emergency, call a priest”, and in the cross it says, “I am Catholic”, which I am not, so I gave it to my boyfriend who is.  He wears it all the time.  I especially love the anchor and the heart.  It’s a very classic combination. My friend Keegan gave me this ring.  It belonged to his awesome hippy dad.  I love the honey comb-ish details.  Keegan's dad must have really big fingers because this ring is enormous.  I didn’t want to resize it because I would end up destroying those beautiful details, so I wear it on a chain around my neck every day.

Who doesn’t love finger armor?

And who doesn’t love skull beads? I have a ton of them, from wooden ones, to crystal, to ivory.  I especially love these turquoise ones, and also these black ones, which are dyed howlite.  I never really do anything with them but I am acquiring such an abundance of them that I will be forced to figure something out soon! More skulls. I can’t help it.

 My good friend Julia had this necklace made for me.  It has a crocodile tooth inside of it.  I just hope he lost his tooth a natural way and that it didn’t hurt.  But it’s a very interesting container and I really love teeth.

These hand rings are the best! They would make great wedding bands or friendship rings. I have all these little charms on one chain.  My mom bought me the ship in Norway when I was in fifth grade.  The details on it are amazing for how small it is.  The little box actually opens, and was another gift from the wonderful Julia.  The ivory rabbit is just cute. No real story there.

I like to collect old pocket watches and put stuff in them.  This is one of my favorites.  It has little metal skeleton cutouts that I made in high school, and pieces of a crab that I found on the beach in Brooklyn.  I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else, but for some reason I really love it.

This rosary has a sacred heart with a crown of thorns and little heart shaped rosary beads.  It's sweet and morbid and very unusual.

This heart is so funny.  It has the name of a propeller company on it and an image of a propeller.  I don’t fully understand it, but I still think it's pretty special. I got this ring in New Mexico on a road trip with my boyfriend.  I like it so much that I won't wear it because I'm afraid I might lose it... So usually he just sits on my desk staring at me while I work. My grandmother had amazingly weird jewelry; this bronze bracelet being one of my personal favorites.  It looks like fish scales to me. This bracelet is a little tacky but for some reason I am very drawn to it.  Marcasite is a very underappreciated stone.  I got it in Florida at an antique market. Another one of my grandmother’s strange pieces of jewelry.  She wore this every day of her life.  I love it as an object but it looks pretty ridiculous on me.

Guest Blog: Pamela Love Shares Her Family Jewels

BY Pamela Love | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | A La Mode
Jewelry designer Pamela Love has made talons, claws, and arrowheads a jewelry box staple. Now, Pamela takes us into her own personal arsenal of antique jewelry to lend us some insight into her life and its work. –Daria Radlinski

Since I was a kid, I have always collected weird stuff: from bones, to crystal eggs, to stamps. I save everything, and all of this great stuff has been a wonderful source of inspiration to me. One especially fitting object that I have always collected is antique jewelry.  Some of it has greatly inspired my designs, and others, not so much, but all of it is important to me in one way or another.  I almost feel as though I can trace my life through my antique jewelry collection. Here are some of my favorite pieces, and a few words on what makes them exactly that.
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