The latest issue of Hot and Cool   Theo and Alice

So Hot (and Cool) Right Now!

BY Eloise Moran | Mon. December 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM | Culture Club
Lucy Moore, who curates the reads found in OC London's Claire de Rouen book corner, first turned us on to Hot and Cool magazine. (The LAST TIME we checked in with her, she called it out as her favorite mag.) Alice Goddard, stylist and fit model-slash-muse to the Marques'Almeida designers, and Theo Sion, who photographs for i-D and Pop, are the masterminds behind the publication. Born out of the duo's desire to have a platform to publish their work, the magazine is a visual feast of beautiful images and text by fellow creative friends. In time for the launch of the sixth issue, new to the shelves of OC London's book shop, I asked Alice a few questions about building the latest issue.

Eloise Moran: What made you both start Hot and Cool, and how did you come up with the magazine title? 
Alice Goddard: We didn't have anywhere to publish our photos so we did it ourselves. The name came from a book we liked about Miami interiors; although if we started again I think we'd go for a more simple name.

How long does it take to put together an issue of Hot and Cool?

It takes about six months; we start working on it pretty much as soon as the preivous issue has left our hands. Even if we're not working on it, we're always thinking about it.

What inspired the shoot "Lay-around-the-house-and-do-absolutely-nothing"?
It was inspired by Anaïs, a girl we met on the tube a during the summer. We went and stayed with Anaïs and her family in Somerset for a few days, and photographed her at home and walking around her village. "Lay-around-the-house-and-do-absolutely-nothing" is written on a T-shirt she is wearing in the shoot; we really liked the punctuation.

How do you go about selecting stories and contributors for each issue?
Most of our contributors are friends, or become friends after contributing.

Hot and Cool is largely image-based; it's like a work of art in itself. The images inside have obviously been carefully selected. Would you say the visual side of the magazine is more important than the textual content?
They're both equally important, the balance has to be right.

It's really cool that Saint Laurent advertised in your magazine!
Yes! It's great to have such an established brand behind us. Margaret Howell and A.P.C. have also been very supportive of the magazine.

Do you have any favorite magazines, or any that inspired Hot and Cool?

We have a very big collection of 1990s Vogue Italia.

Hot and Cool issue 6 is now available at Claire de Rouen at Opening Ceremony London | Photos by Suleyman Karaaslan