Striped Short-sleeve shirt in green stars sweater in navy striped jacket in grey/navy striped maxi dress in green/navy striped trousers in green

Plumpynuts: Funny Name, Serious Cool

BY Dana Melanz | Thu. July 25, 2013 | 10:00 AM | OC,A La Mode
Having derived their brand name from the therapeutic food Plumpy'nut, designers Miyuki Omichi and Ayumi Kita are setting out to feed the fashion world with their ideas. Plumpynuts came together to strike a balance between conceptual design and personal style, and the result is beautiful, classic tailoring in poppy prints and interesting fabrics. A collared shirt gets redone with wide sleeves, the matching cropped pants have an adjustable elastic waistband, and the Striped Jacket has an almost Beetlejuice look—although it's decidedly not meant for the Machiavellian un-dead, rather for a sophisticated lady with a mischievous side. If you're hungry for a new look, Plumpynuts is here to nourish.

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