Love Like Deloreans (visuals by NYC video artist Jon Williams) Burning Star Core Silver Apples / Simeon Coxe Slow-sound DJ duo "Pearl Necklace" kept it heavy between sets. Hypnotism, if I've ever seen it.

Space Is The Pace: An Evening with The Silver Apples

BY Khira Jordan | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | Culture Club
It's not every day you have the opportunity to step into the 5th dimension (and hitting up one of those smokey Chinatown mall raves that are all the rage lately doesn't count.)  However, if you happened to find yourself at Brooklyn's Coco66 last night to see electronic-psych pioneers the Silver Apples, chances are you felt like you were visiting the other side!  Curated to perfection by experimental music blog Visitation Rites, the night featured a trinity of heavy-hitting electronic bands, each with their own personal brand of hypnotism.

Brooklyn-based synthesizer trio, Love like Deloreans, got our pulses racing from the very start with an aerobic set of intelligently arranged pop.  Backlit by images (stripes, Soviet figures, and dancing dogs among them) that moved and mutated according to the band's bass line, LLD tickled the senses in more ways than one.  Through bright sounds and bright sights alike, the Deloreans took us above, beyond, and away with their thoughtfully composed, instantly infectious transmissions.

Preserving the rapturous atmosphere, one-man sonic boom Burning Star Core took the stage, casting his signature electroacoustic spell of discord, deep drone, and dance. Mixing a snarling violin with the slow pulses of a Numark CD Mix Station, Cincinnati-native C. Spencer Yeh conjured a cacophonous groove that left every bone in the body loose and every ear in the room ringing.

Before a fawning and awe-inspired crowd, esteemed godfather of experimental electronics and surviving member of legendary psych duo Silver Apples, Simeon Coxe III greeted us with waves and smiles. And then came the oscillations we had all been waiting for!  Promptly making the magic happen on his historic, eponymously named, personally devised synthesizer, The Simeon, Coxe performed a handful of Silver Apples/Contact-era favorites ("A Pox on You," "Seagreen Serenades," "Oscillations"), as well as a healthy dose of newer, nerve-perking vibrations.  Transcendental, dance-inducing, and euphoric, last night's mystical Silver Apples set truly had us seeing stars.

Check out a few snaps from the evening, and a video of "Oscillations" (the first song Simeon Coxe ever wrote!).