Maybe they're born with it? We only got lost, like, three times getting here! The Ballinger's beautiful home. Scooter parking on premises, don't worry about it. Welcome! Setting up out back... F/W 2010 OC shoes... particularly feeling the speckled pair. ...and some for the ladies. Rachel makes it look oh so easy. Awwww. Back to business. Log Lady from Twin Peaks, anyone?? Double exposure. Oh hey, Su! Lunch time. Lois, you shouldn't have!!! There's really nothing like mom's cooking. We haven't eaten this well since this. Add this to our cuteness blog. Lonny checks in on the kids. Sometimes modeling can be extra hard. All i can say is... Rachel and KK can step off the F/W turban looks, Daria and Jesse have got it covered. Just loungin'... Just loungin', Part 2. Just loungin', part 3. Last look... And there's no better way to celebrate!

Behind the Scenes: A Sneak Peek at Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2010

We always look forward to the biyearly Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony lookbook shoot, which inevitably means a trip to the great outdoors to commemorate our partnership with the best American outdoor clothing company in the game.  This season, we got all Fresh Air Fund upstate at bro/sis model combo Rachel and Kaelin Ballinger's house in Chappaqua.  With the diverse range of lush scenery found at the Ballinger compound, and the expertise of friend and photog Kathy Lo, (not to mention the delicious lunch fare and unbelievable hospitality of the lovely power couple, Lois and Lonny B.), this lookbook practically shot itself!  Check out some behind the scenes shots before the big reveal of the Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter lookbook in the coming days. . .

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