Gang's all here. Jesse and Su Mel and HL Tati getting extra gorgy. Andre and Stevie Yuri, trying to charge $5 a photo... Tati, always photo ready. Mel showed us a few of his faves - first up are the new printed velour and printed pony clogs... followed by the lace cropped button down... ... and the winter coat that will save us all come November.

Behind the Scenes! The Making of the OC Fall 2010 Lookbook

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC

You know when you’re watching reality TV depict fashion shoots and everything’s a total disaster and that girl forgot to pack half the looks, and that photographer is being a sleazy nightmare, and you don’t know how these people haven’t already gotten fired? Well, in terms of fashion shoots, that’s kind of like that montage at the beginning of an infomercial that makes real life look a lot harder than it really should be.

The Opening Ceremony Fall 2010 lookbook shoot, luckily, was nothing like that. And we've got the footage to prove it! The Total Management tag team of photographer Max Farago and stylist Mel Ottenberg got our team going all day at Milk Studios, and ultra cuties Tati and Yuri came with nothing short of their A-game. We didn’t say it was easy, they just make it look easy.

Roll the tape!