The Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook shot by Tom Hines. Shown here: the hammerhead sweater in mint and boy scout shorts in mint.     BTS at the shoot. Guess that movie... Lookbook shoes Highland name badges! striped tank top in black/orange tank top in poppy tee in bottle green basic slim shirt in blue hammerhead sweater in mint long-sleeve tee in grey sweatshirt in maroon mountain pants in bottle green long johns in light grey boy scout shorts in mint boy scout shorts in maroon short bill hat in taupe short bill hat in blue hat in maroon

Employee of the Month: Highland SS13

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Mon. February 25, 2013 | 12:00 AM | OC
Summer jobs. Most of them sucked. But don't you miss messing around with your hometown friends in the stockroom/kitchen/neighbors' backyard? This season Highland takes us back with a collection inspired by long, fun (work-filled) summers. Look the part with lab shirts, easy cotton tank tops, and outdoor-style tees.

We love the Spring/Summer lookbook, with scenes including "stacking shelves," "pumping gas," and "mopping." We asked the Highland team—childhood friends/cousins Lizzie, Cramer, and Mike—to share their own summer resumes and some behind-the-scenes images from the shoot.

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Name: Lizzie Owens
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Job at Highland: Designer
Best summer job: Working as a lifeguard at a country club. I got to watch a lot of rich housewives take their kids to the pool and hit on the snack bar boys. I also got to teach little kids how to swim, and an awesome tan!
Worst summer job: It's a long story but it involved me living in a tent in the backyard of this crazy 65-year-old and going to work with her every day. I was just living by myself in the woods and writing in my journal a lot. Kind of a bummer. That said, it's also a period in my life that I have a lot of nostalgia for, and that I draw a lot of inspiration from.

Name: Cramer Tolboe
Hometown: Park City, Utah
Job at Highland: Part of the equation
Best summer job: Um, not having one?
Worst summer job: Working in a shipping receiving warehouse nine hours a day all summer long. I would box and ship: commercial hardware (locks, hinges, etc.), pallets of wood, doors, and hollow metal door frames. I didn't see much daylight that summer but the good news was that I got my forklift license, which was totally awesome.
Highland piece you'll be wearing most this season: Long John Sweatpants will be my vibe until it gets too hot in New York.

Name: Mike Franks
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Job at Highland: Co-founder 
Best summer job: Probably Sbarro Pizza in the Cottonwood Mall food court, it was like Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets Mall Rats. A bunch of my friends worked with me, which basically meant 15-year-old kids were in charge. We couldn't drive yet so either we'd skate or get a ride from one of our moms. My friends would hang out and run pizza around as trade, most of the time to the cute girls who worked at Orange Julius. There was also a deal with Tilt Arcade. Pizza was our currency.
Worst summer job: See above. When we weren't having fun, which was like 70% of the time, the reality of actually working at Sbarro was all too real. I think it lasted just over a month. I did, however, get one important skill, which I have to this day: throwing a pizza.
Highland piece you'll be wearing most this season: The pre-production run of our Fall/Winter 2013 Roller-Coaster Tie Dye T-shirt. It's going to be a colorful summer which can't come soon enough.

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