Scott Campbell Makes Us Say OHWOW

BY Sean Risley | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | Culture Club
Scott Campbell's new art exhibition If You Don't Belong, Don't Be Long takes his traditional tattoo aesthetic and forces it onto a medium that most artists wouldn't think of, let alone afford. Taking the kindergarten snowflake cutouts of your youth to an unprecedented extreme, the bulk of Scott's exhibit displays stacked, freshly minted US one dollar bills carved out with an Epilog laser to create three-dimensional skulls, human hearts, and a (assumingly) life sized image of the grim reaper himself. Along with his macabre subject matter are equally impressive carvings written in a wispy, traditional tattoo hand style, as well as Scott’s lesser-known two dimensional holographic paintings.

I arrived early to the exhibit and was able to browse and appreciate all the pieces without any sort of mass hysteria; however, within an hour Crosby Street resembled a block party more than it did an art opening. If you didn’t make it to the opening, that may be even better – these are definitely pieces that deserve your undivided attention.

The exhibit is on view now until May 30th.

109 Crosby Street

Be sure to check it out!