"There are 27 girls in the show and it's hard to find more than half a dozen wigs at any given shop. So I ended up riding around town on my bike just writing down who had what, and it actually worked out better than I thought! We got all the wigs, cut them, colored them, and styled them, and brought them back to the drawing board."––Jordan   Jordan preps Elina's below-the-shoulder hair. Step 1: The wig wrap. "I use a little bit of thickening spray and styling lotion from Bumble to do a wig wrap. The great thing about this is that it will brush out, which is nice for the model––she has 14 castings today and I don't want to have her walk out looking crazy!"

"The trick for doing hair this short on a wig is to keep the wig's head small. You don’t want it to look like a bike helmet!"  

"The wig wrap I am doing is a traditional one, which could be difficult to do on your own. One alternative is to try a really tight French braid underneath your wig."

Step 2: The wig cap

"I usually run a hair pin around the perimeter to catch any loose hairs, then I secure the wig cap."

"I like to style the wig with Bumble & bumble Styling Lotion and Thickening Spray because they have alcohol in them, which helps the hair to react. I don't like using anything too shiny because wigs already come shiny. So I either wash them prior to styling or use something that will matte them down. When the light hits them (especially on the runway) they’re going to look shinier than they are, and run the risk of looking like a Halloween wig!"

"A good wig wrap will give you something to pin the wig into."

"Once the wigs are put on at the show, I’ll go around and cut and style them to individualize them for each girl."

"Like any haircut, you can always go shorter. So we eased into it to create the final style. Here, Model Elina in one of our favorite wigs (coined the 'Bob Dylan') and a jacket from Rachel's FW13 collection." 'Gramworthy Jordan, Elina, and Rachel

Behind the Hair with Bumble: Rachel Comey FW13

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. February 6, 2013 | 12:00 AM | A la Mode
This season, Bumble and bumble takes us beyond backstage, to the hair test––where the final tweaks of the designer’s vision get set in stone. The best part? We're there to give you tips every step of the way so you can make the style happen for yourself!

To inaugurate the season, we met stylist Jordan M. from Bumble and bumble at Rachel Comey’s studio yesterday. There, we found out all about the 'do on Rachel’s Fall 2013 woman. (Check in tomorrow for our review of the FW13 collection!) "Rachel sent me inspiration images of the type of girl they had in mind for the show. She's not too young, she's pretty sophisticated, and she has great taste. She's the type of girl that you'd admire on the street not knowing exactly what she does, but you'd know that she's a professional,” said Jordan of the look for the show.

How did this manifest? In 27 unique brunette wigs, cut short and styled to give the girls that certain something. I have a sneaky feeling short hair is going to be a thing this season, but if you’re nervous about going for the cut yourself, check out how Jordan did it for every last girl on Rachel's runway without using one pair of scissors!

Photos by Brayden Olson