Cara Delevigne (with Bj√∂rk hair) and Ian Sharp in the DKNY for OC lookbook, shot by Anthony Maule and styled by Jay Massacret SPRING '91 PANTS in black/white SPRING '91 SWEAT JUMPSUIT in white/black SPRING '91 HOODED SWEATSHIRT in white/black spring '92 soho wall t in white/black spring '92 stars and stripes in white spring '92 dk ny t in white/black spring '91 jean shank t in white/black FALL '94 HOODED MAXI DRESS in black/white FALL '94 ZIP DRESS in yellow/black FALL '94 JUMPSUIT in white/red/black SPRING '91 BODYSUIT in black/white resort '94 hooded sweatshirt in black/white spring '91 cropped puffer in black fall '94 skirt in black

Presenting DKNY Exclusively for Opening Ceremony

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Thu. January 31, 2013 | 12:00 AM | OC
OC meets DKNY for Spring 2013! This season, we team up with the iconic New York label to present a capsule collection of re-issued styles available exclusively at OC. Pulled straight from the catwalks of the early 90s, boldly branded jumpsuits, puffer coats, and tees are back and fresher than ever. Comprising 15 women's and unisex pieces, dating from 1991–1994, the collection captures the essence of DKNY at the time when it first exploded onto the scene.

DKNY! It was the mural on Houston at Broadway in New York, it was the sassy ad campaigns, it was the iconic models in them, it was—as Donna Karan said—the pizza to Donna Karan collection's caviar, the taxi to its limousine. For kids from New York to New Zealand it was everything. The 15 limited-edition pieces include a 1991 jumpsuit, classic logo tees, and a canary yellow body-hugging dress from 1994. Feast your eyes.

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