Cuter than cats eating watermelon? Mateus in the OC Spring/Summer 2013 mesh polo shirt. Photos by Bon Duke alligator patch crewneck in cobalt mesh striped crewneck in black mesh striped crewneck in ivory mesh cardigan in cobalt mouline crewneck in ink mouline crewneck in coral mesh polo shirt in emerald mesh polo shirt in black colorblock short-sleeve polo in cobalt colorblock short-sleeve polo in steel mesh striped tank in ivory mesh striped tank in black bi-color diamond cut hoodie in grey/pink diamond anorak in black/cerulean/white zip-up hoodie in a bag in red/navy pullover anorak in blue/green shirt jacket in khaki pit bomber jacket in olive/black storm jacket in cerulean/navy fishing jacket in navy/white moto pants in black/navy slim chinos in white jacquard suit pants shorts in grey suit pants shorts in navy bonded mesh chino shorts in black/white tailored striped swim shorts in red/navy

Way Down in Kokomo: Introducing OC Men's Spring/Summer 2013

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Mon. January 21, 2013 | 12:00 AM | OC
This spring, the OC boy heads south. Destination, Florida! On his to-do list: Cruising the boardwalk in brightly colored denim. Hitting the courts in stripes and sweats. And exploring the Everglades in hi-tech outdoor wear. With saturated shades inspired by palm trees and alligators, and all manner of novelty prints, it’s pure Florida flavor from here on in.

Our favorite features to keep your eyes peeled for: Alligators and octopi designed specially for the collection by artist Jack Greer (the alligator's teeth spell out "Opening Ceremony"!). Shorts and hoodies that fold into bags. Anoraks with shoulder straps (wear 'em like backpacks). And a custom photo-real confetti print! Check out the new arrivals below, and see Mateus munching on watermelon in some special Spring/Summer 2013 GIFs.

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