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Brothers from Another Mother: Sibling Joins the OC Family

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Wed. January 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM | OC
We have some news. There's a new addition to the family (big hug—we still love you just as much). This season, we welcome London-based menswear brand Sibling to the OC fold. The label is the joint project of Cozette McCreery, Sid Bryan, and Joe Bates, whose collective CVs log time at everywhere from Alexander McQueen to Lanvin. Since the line launched in 2008, the three friends have kept editors both chuckling and taking careful notes thanks to their penchant for masks, balaclavas, and full-body knitwear—the most recognizable version being the Knit Monster, the label's mascot (more below).

For spring, the team delivers a surprisingly joyful collection of sparkly sweats inspired by the London riots. We checked in with Sid, Joe, and Cozette on the back of their highly praised Fall/Winter 2013 show at London Collections: Men.

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Alice Newell-Hanson: If you guys were actually siblings, who would be the oldest, the youngest, etc.? Would you squabble? 
Cozette McCreery: Oh, we squabble. That's why we're called Sibling. Because even though we aren't related we do have, to quote Mrs Merton, "heated debates." But they're easily sorted with cups of tea and the occasional apology. Families are like that, aren't they? Joe and I are the same age, give or take a month, making Sid the baby.

ANH: How did you meet?
CM: Sid and I worked together at Bella Freud's, and Joe I knew socially. Sid and Joe then met at a London Fashion Week party and that was that.

ANH: What prompted you to start Sibling?
CM: Looking at yet another menswear show and being disappointed with what was on offer—bar, say, at [Vivienne] Westwood. Joe got fed up with Sid's and my sighing and decided there and then to do something about it. He was the catalyst. Sid and I were in a swimming pool at the time.

ANH: Sibling's mission statement?
CM: Make it fun. Make it knitted. Jumpers are not only goalposts.

ANH: Who or what is the Knit Monster?
CM: He is the rock star of Sibling. He's been on the front cover of books, appeared in magazines, and travels the world as part of Wool Modern [an exhibition of avant-garde works made from wool]. He's also our mascot and good luck charm, doesn't need feeding, and, for a rock star, doesn't show any diva-ish behavior. He's made of Scare Isle, a traditional Fair Isle we mutated with skulls and Frankensteins and knitted from a blend of Scottish cashmere and wool. In images he is male super model Benoni Loos, who wasn't fazed in the slightest when we shot him wearing it. We've been really, really lucky with our model castings. They are always great sports!

ANH: What are some of the influences at work behind Spring/Summer 2013?
CM: The Arab Spring, the 1968 Paris riots, and the East London riots, which sounds like a very dark place to start. But it became more about change in a very positive sense—not the glorification of rioting and looting. It was about the bigger picture, and that's why we used white, gold, and bright blue, colors which felt very positive and a bit spiritual. We kept it real by knitting huge sportswear shapes.

ANH: I love the toile de Jouy. What's the story behind the illustrations?
CM: Joe Googled the London riots and then hand-drew the press photographs he found along with random shots of graffiti. Toile de Jouy is often used in this way, taking modern images and placing them in a very traditional pattern. This was just our interpretation, but it became quite a trend for Spring/Summer 2013 in both men's and womenswear.

ANH: Did the three of you make any New Year's resolutions?
CM: All broken by January 1st… next!

ANH: What are Sibling's resolutions for 2013?
CM: To keep doing what we are doing, have fun, collaborate with other brands, travel, open a store, take days off, and celebrate our five-year anniversary!

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