/div> "Scrap chinchilla pelts left over from the earmuffs—don't hate me, PETA!" "Custom Shaun Samson stickers are going to be offered with the tunic T's in the collection." "This was taken the day I arrived in London from California, right after Christmas. I brought the whole collection with me in these suitcases."
"I hate taking photos" "My stylist, Matthew Josephs, lacing up the most difficult boots in the world, wearing the warmest chinchilla earmuffs in the world." "Hand-knitted pieces waiting to be linked together." "Custom 'Aurora Borealis' fabric we made in the studio by bonding mermaid fabric onto denim." "Close up of the 'Serenity Prayer' blanket." "The looks all packed up and ready to go to the show venue."
"Me sewing in the corner :( " "The archive rail" "The view from my chair." "SS13 feature boy, Erik Andersson, in our marketing campaign posters."

OC x London Collections: Men - Shaun Samson's FW13 Camera Diary

BY Gillian Tozer | Mon. September 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM | A La Mode
In the bustle before London Collections: Men, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers. The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. So now that we've seen what came down the catwalks, it's time to take a peek behind the scenes!

Gillian Tozer: Hi Shaun! Congratulations on the new Fall/Winter collection and thanks for sharing these major behind-the-scenes moments, especially the boy shots! Do you have any pre-show traditions? 
Shaun Samson: The team usually works through the night before the show, so I'd say that's a tradition we're trying to break Ha!

GT: Pick an adjective and fill in the blank: This collection turned out much more/less ___________ than I had anticipated. 
SS: More stressful!! This was the first London Collections: Men that took place in January, and we had to work through Christmas and New Year's Eve to get the collection done :( 

GT: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection? 
SS: I love all the ice hockey tunics—I can't wait to wear pajamas out during the day!

GT: How did you and the team celebrate after the show? 
SS: We had a proper sit-down meal that didn't involve pizza.

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