Telfar giving a demonstration of TELFARStyle Telfar sweats

Telfar's 'Quilted/Comfort' at New York Gallery

BY Sofia Cavallo | Mon. January 14, 2013 | 12:00 AM | A la Mode
Does New York Fashion Week not come but twice a year? After Saturday's TELFAR Fall/Winter 2013 presentation in collaboration with DIS at New York Gallery, maybe not. 

Designer Telfar Clemens showed a collection of quilted cotton, denim, and flannel garments hung from utilitarian racks, tucked into Container Store-like baskets, and draped over furniture designed by Lizzie Fitch and Nick Rodrigues. The twist? The pieces presented aren't quite the final product. Guests were invited to click, drag, and alter the color of the garments at the Alan Schaffer-designed TELFARStyle interactive game station nearby. The looks with the most votes will make it to the Fashion Week presentation, activating them from their "latent state."

Peep our snaps, and stay tuned for our NYFW coverage coming up next month.

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On view through February 23, 2013.

Film Center Building, 630 9th Ave, Suite 308
New York, NY 10036