Out with a Big Bang: Jack Siegel at Half Gallery

BY Sofia Cavallo | Fri. January 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM | Culture Club
Jack Siegel's solo exhibition that opened on Wednesday at Half Gallery marked the last show in the Forsyth space before the gallery moves uptown, to the third floor of an Upper East Side brownstone. Siegel's glossy photograms are as stark (in their sharp geometic shapes) as they are dreamy (with their white-speckled, constellation-like backgrounds).

The process, which Jack walked me through until the expression on my face became a dead giveaway that it was tragically in vain, does not involve a camera. Instead, it entails placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive material and then exposing it to light. To achieve the star-strewn effect, Jack used a pepper grinder filled with volcanic sand––that part I can safely say I understood, probably because the most creative thing I've ever done with a pepper grinder is purchase one from Trader Joe's.

So Half Gallery's relocation begs the inevitable question, is a rechristening with the name Whole Gallery on the horizon? Flashing his familiar grin, owner Bill Powers assured us that Half it is, and Half it will remain. Congrats on 50 shows in five years, and here's to many more in the new space!

Through January 31, 2013.

208 Forsyth St.
New York, NY 10002