Oh hi, Sara Hantman! OCNY associate Sara models Sorelle's debut collection. Photos by James Parker III. Francesca (in OC resort flowers!) TERESA HOOPS in brass/gold: "These are named after my mother. I can go on for days about her—she's my rock. Teresa is a firm believer in what's good, and enjoys the pretty things in life!" kristie hoops in gold/Indian beads: "Kristie is a photographer and adventurer who enjoys minimalist design. She's quite the free spirit so to speak." Jayna hoops in silver: "Jayna is an OC native—she's the momma lion. Enough said." danielle hoops in silver/Indian beads: "Not only is Danielle my roommate, she's also my voice of reason. She tells it like it is, and knows how to have a good time!" kate hoops in gold/Indian beads: "These are named after a dear friend who's a dreamer and an eternal optimist."

Shooting Hoops: Handmade Earrings by Sorelle

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Thu. January 3, 2013 | 12:00 AM | OC
Walk into any OC store, eyeball an associate, and you'll see we're are hoop earrings' #1 fans. Two rings (plus) per ear is pretty standard. But when you want to get creative, there haven't been many options until now. This season, OCNY shop lady Francesca Grosso introduces the hoop-heavy first collection from her brand new jewelry line, Sorelle. Each pair of earrings is handmade in Brooklyn, using precious metals and delicate Indian beads. And taking inspiration from Francesca's friends and family, each one is named after a different girl. Check out the collection, along with Fran's notes, below, and find out more in our Q&A.

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Alice Newell-Hanson: It's so hard to find good hoop earrings—thank you!
Francesca Grosso: I'm glad you like them! As a consumer, I'm always on the hunt for jewelry that catches my eye. But most of the places I shop just didn't do it for me. Finally, I decided to create something that not only I could wear, but that hopefully other girls could enjoy too!

ANH: Getting your ears pierced was such a big deal in grade school. Do you remember when you got yours done?
FG: That decision was definitely up to my mom. She took me to get my ears pierced when I was two years old! Then at 13 I went to Claire's to get my second holes pierced, by a guy who got the piercing gun stuck three times.

ANH: How do you wear earrings now?
FG: I'm currently wearing a pair of gold hoops from the collection. And OC shop girls Rachel and Cherie are killin' it in the Teresa Hoops at the moment!

ANH: Where does the name Sorelle come from?
FG: It's derived from the Italian word for "sister"—because each piece in the collection is named after friends and family who have made an impact on my life.

ANH: And how did you design each style from there?
FG: I'm not someone who sketches out designs. I'm more of a "trial and error" kind of gal. I create affordable pieces composed of quality materials.

ANH: What's in store for the next collection?
FG: Let's just say you'll have to wait and see. But septum rings are in the mix!

Shop all Sorelle here.