Derek Blasberg x OC THE COMPLETE CORRESPONDENCE KIT Test drive, courtesy of Derek! Click to see full image. Derek Blasberg x OC THE COMPLETE CORRESPONDENCE KIT Derek Blasberg x OC The World's Easiest Thank You Notes Derek Blasberg x OC The Happy Holiday Set

Lovely Letters from Derek Blasberg & OC!

BY Gillian Tozer | Thu. December 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
"Text me," "Tweet me," "Tag me," "Snapchat me!" When did we all become so short with each other? Whatever happened to the thoughtful craft of a hand-written letter? Just in time for the holidays, we've teamed up author and editor extraordinaire Derek Blasberg, to produce these correspondence kits. And in the true spirit of, "I'm really busy and don't have time," each letter simply requires you to fill in the blanks and/or circle the best response. And it's not all about the holidays, there's a letter template for anniversaries, babies, crushes, and thank you notes. Phew! That's the letter writing part taken care of, now, what to buy everyone?!

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