/div> Mokoli'i is also featured in the Nicki Minaj music video "Starships" as an aerial shot!
Hiking on the west side of the island on the lower trail. Small tree on the northwest side of the island The reef at the cove on the north side of the island—be careful, it's sharp! Berries, I would not advise eating these... Some of the flowers growing on the island... A seagull's dinner! Top of the island Kea and me National Ocean Survey plate at the top Climbing one of the many sides to get to the top People who are able to make the trek will often carve their names into this side of the island My legs after falling off one of the sides of the mountain (I survived) My boogie board and Peters Mountains Work backpack. I travel light!

I'll Take You There: Mokoli'i, Oahu

BY Sean Risley | Mon. November 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM | I'll Take You There
Mokoli'i is a small island off the east coast of Kualoa Point of Oahu, Hawaii. Over 10 years ago, I swam out to this island so it seemed only appropriate that I do it again when visiting last month. This time I came prepared with all my camera equipment waterproofed, some fresh fruit, and a lot more determination. I swam out with my local Hawaiian friend, Kea, and we scaled every aspect of the island—appreciating this untouched and uninhabited (even by tourists) part of the Hawaiian islands. Aside from looking out for sharks, I advise you to come prepared with some friends, flotation devices, food, fresh water, rope, and a good camera. You will walk (or swim) away with one of the best experiences of your life.