Artistic direction: Rob Meyers for Rbpm Studio Photography: Rory Van Millingen Styling: Matthew Josephs Hair: Koto Suizu @ Balcony Jump using l'Oreal Professional Make up: Gina Blondell using MAC

Under the Influence: Shaun Samson

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM | A La Mode
Givenchy and Hepburn, Saint Laurent and de la Falaise... the relationship between designer and muse has been integral to fashion history. Our favorite contemporary designers and their influences are no exception. This season, we asked designers to photograph the people, places, or objects that inspired their Fall/Winter 2012 collections. From batmobiles in Paris to the best skate spots in Moscow, they did not disappoint. Check out what else they came up with in our new series, "UNDER THE INFLUENCE."

Shaun Samson’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection is wise beyond the label's four seasons in business. Did you even know how badly you wanted a fuzzy Raiders jersey or a bomber button-down till you saw it walk down his runway? No. Because Shaun is legitimately next level and thought of it waaaay before you could have. See what makes the designer tick below. 

Who is your muse? Her name is Music

Describe the first time you met: When I was younger, I thought that the Music my older sister and her friends were listening to was so cool, so I began to listen to it.

How does she influence you? Music influences my mood when I work. She keeps me alert and inspired. But sometimes she distracts me when she wants to be naughty.

What’s the relationship between designer and muse? It’s very important. I actually can't work without Music playing in the background.

Does your inspiration change from season to season? My reference points come from different places every season, but the attitude of my collections remains the same.

Have you and your muse ever worked collaboratively? No, I let her do her thing and she let's me do mine.

What is your favorite thing to do together? Dance 

Does she have a secret talent? She can help people make babies.

In another life, my muse was: Dancing