Kenzo reversible puffer jacket in red/brown/grey Manastash perpri 60 jacket in black Nigel Cabourn eddie bauer kara koram puffer coat in dark navy Kenzo quilted blouson in green ISAORA stretch down jacket in charcoal Kenzo REVERSIBLE PUFFER HOODED JACKET in blue Covernat down hooded parka in black Band of Outsiders piped puffer jacket in tapestry blue J.W. Anderson QUILTED BIKER JACKET in black Carven down sleeve duffle coat in navy

Puff Piece: 10 Super Warm Winter Jackets

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Mon. November 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
I used to own a puffer coat that had a zoo of tiny stuffed animals peeping out of its pockets. It was magical. I've never loved a jacket as much until I saw Kenzo's reversible paisley puffer. There is nothing warmer or more inviting than a quilted coat and this season there's a bumper crop of padded outerwear options.

How to decide? First, know your stuffing. Some authorities, the team at ISAORA included, promise there's no beating down for warmth, so their stretch jacket is all natural. The experts at Manastash agree. They've been making clothing inspired by Seattle's outdoors culture since 1993, so they know a thing or two. Their down-insulated Perpri Jacket is every bit as authentic as it looks (like something you wore at summer camp). For the insulation mother lode though, we recommend a coat so pillowy you could sleep in it—in the arctic (but actually don't try that): Nigel Cabourn and Eddie Bauer's down-stuffed parka, complete with tweed-lined hood. It is undoubtedly the puffiest puffer of all.

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