The Opening Ceremony juice cocktail Chris will be our bartender today. First up: how to make the OC cocktail! Ingredients: Absolut Pear, cucumber, pear, nutmeg, flaxseed, and lemongrass Peel the pear before slicing it. Muddle the sliced lemongrass in a glass to get its juices flowing. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender. Add your shot of pear vodka before putting the lid on the blender and kicking it into high gear. Next, strain the mixture into a glass for a smooth and refreshing OC juice! The Tequila Immune Booster: Sauza Hornitos tequila, carrot, orange, ginger, and vitamin C Fresh-squeezed orange juice is combined with carrot and ginger that have been put through a juicer. Shake, strain, serve, and feel the boost. The Ironman Whiskey: Jim Beam, apple, beet, carrot, and celery The fruit is placed in a juicer before the concoction is spiked with whiskey. The Jameson Brown Sugar Banana Smoothie: Jameson, brown sugar, lemon, orange, and vitamin C Combine all ingredients in a blender Blend, serve, and sip (slowly now, it's a dangerous one). The S'mores Shake (a seasonal special) was perhaps the most elaborate of the bunch. Combine Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa, cocoa mix, cinnamon, vanilla soy milk, banana, marshmellows, and graham grackers in a blender. You can already tell this one's gonna be exceptionally good. Voilà. The Kimchee Reuben sandwich: Corned beef, Swiss cheese, and homemade spicy kimchee on rye After hours, Cocktail Bodega Underground opens for PM revelers

Cocktail Bodega: The LES Gets a Kick in the Glass

BY Sofia Cavallo | Wed. November 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM | Just Eat It
Unlike most health juices that taste like kale regurgitated by a cow, those at Cocktail Bodega were conceived simply to be delicious. Owned by Matt Levine and Michael Shah, the Lower East Side alcoholic smoothie spot that just opened up on Chrystie Street is a Jamba Juice-turned-21 (just don't let 'er drive home)––offering fresh, alcohol-optional concoctions alongside bodega staples reimagined by "Hip-hop Chef Roblé," who is no stranger to those who tune into Bravo on the regular.

All mixtures contain at least one ingredient that's unambiguously pleasing to the palate (be it kiwi, berries, lemonade or chocolate), as well as a few surprises. The Jameson Brown Sugar Banana Smoothie, for instance, you'd think would be a dark and leathery whiskey mixture. But the dense banana drink has a zippyness to it from the fresh-squeezed lemon––kind of like a bright banana cream pie. Another total delight is the robust and chocolatey S'mores Shake, a seasonal special containing crumbled graham crackers, marshmallows, and all the things your mother allowed you to have only after you finished your spinach.

The best part of it all is that just for Opening Ceremony, owner Matt Levine very awesomely conjured up a special cocktail inspired by Korea, our featured country this year. Dae bak! The smooth drink combines sweet pear (a fruit that's native to Korea), pear vodka, cucumber, and a subtle touch of citrus by way of lemongrass (an herb widely used in Asian cuisine), rounding itself out with an almost vanilla-like tinge from the nutty flaxseed and the spike of cinnamon. The result is the curious yet delicious Opening Ceremony cocktail, yours with a Kimchee Reuben for $12.50 (retail value $20.00) when you ask for "The OC Special." Have a look at what James and I did see when we dropped by last week!

Photos by James Parker III

205 Chrystie Street
New York, NY 10002