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Group Show: 'I Need a Vacation!'

BY Alexandre Stipanovich | Wed. November 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM | Culture Club
I Need a Vacation!, a one-night-only photography show curated by Jake Sumner and Dean Levin, opened on Friday in the East Village. Gathering the work of a number of young American photogs (Peter Sutherland, Cheryl Dunn, Johnny Knapp, Sean Kinney, Moose Huerta, Reza Nader, Evan Robarts, Jack Greer, Maia Ruth Lee, Tyler Healy, Chris Mosier, Dean Levin, Coco Young, Kyle Yahagihara, Jake Sumner, and Nick Stewart) as well as a few Europeans (Sara Nataf, Lele Saveri), the show displayed 4" x 6" snapshots of the artists' vacations. The laid-back and friendly vibe of the opening may have had something to do with the relaxing, dreamy, and nostalgic images on the walls. Check it out!

All proceeds go to the Bowery Mission Hurricane Sandy Relief.