Kim, Thurston, and a hypnotizing light show Kim playing in an awesome Acne dress

Kim Gordon/Thurston Moore = Mirror/Dash = A Sonic Boom

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | hear ye hear ye,Culture Club

An exploration in sound, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore’s long-running Sonic Youth side project, Mirror/Dash played a set of live experimentation and audible discovery at Thirty Days Gallery on Saturday night. Each band member plucks, strums, and saws their guitar against amps, the floor, microphones, and anything else they deem necessary to create unique musical textures occasionally amplified by Gordons recognizable husky drone whispered into her microphone.

Each band member is entirely hypnotized by their role in the music, and watching them each do their part is equally entrancing. However, it’s also nice to daze off and just concentrate on the ends of the sound rather than the means. Luckily, a light show on a screen behind the band provided just that. I suggest you watch these videos once to see how they do what they’re doing, and perhaps another time while watching a trippy desktop screensaver in the case that a live lightshow isn’t available.