The Tech Specs on ISAORA Fall/Winter 2012

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Tue. November 6, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
We love any opportunity to geek out. And the annual in-store clinic with the guys from ISAORA is a reliable nerdfest. While designers Ricky and Marc are far from dweebs themselves (they like snowboarding and drunken nights in Las Vegas), the level of thought and knowledge that goes into each piece of their outdoor wear is off the charts. So, it only seems fair that we go into similar amounts of detail. Get your glasses out...

To begin with, the stretch down jacket from the fall collection uses a specialized four-way stretch fabric Ricky and Marc sourced from Japan. The team insisted on using real down for the jacket's filling—it's the most effective insulator—but they needed an outer layer that would give maximum flexibilty. The result is a puffer jacket with "sweater-like elasticity"! Genius.

The duo also reinvented the button-down and sweatpant this season, using another Japanese material: Pertex. Imagine a shirt crossed with a sleeping bag and you have the ultra light insulated button-down. Padded with PrimaLoft, an insulator developed for the US Army, the shirt and matching pants are warm and weatherproof, plus they're so thin you're not going to look like the Michelin man. I could go on but really, as any nerd knows, the best way to prove anything is with an experiment. Try out ISAORA's quilted shirts and down jackets for yourself this winter and you'll see just how warm they are.

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