New! sweatshirt in white/black frill sweatshirt in navy/charcoal long back sweatshirt in charcoal/white paneled sweatshirt in navy/black/white frill shirt in white/navy/grey denim shirt in navy bandana print bomber in navy/black/white tech chinos in black/white Kidda! laurel sweatshirt in pale grey/white Kidda! paneled T-shirt in charcoal/pale grey

Fix Up, Look Sharp: Christopher Shannon and Kidda! FW12

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Wed. October 31, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
Feeling fancy? How about a ruffled shoulder seam? Or a trio of 70s-style frills for your button-down? Christopher Shannon is keeping it classy this fall. Not that he's ever anything less than razor-sharp—but this season feels especially scrubbed-up. The British designer's bomber-jacket-wearing, trackpant-sporting guy experiments with ruffles, paisley, and shiny faux leather. Does someone have a date...?

The other headliners this fall are jacquard knits. Christopher weaves sweatshirts with text and images from his archives for a super cool, grainy black-and-white-TV effect. Kidda!, Christopher's jersey spin-off line also pulls its main motif from past collections, nailing it for a second season with casual tees and sweats in soft grey paisley.

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