Jonathan in the Lou Dalton for Opening Ceremony zip detachable sleeve baseball jacket; Opening Ceremony quilted lined snorkle coat; Peace, Love, and Understanding fluorescent parka; Lucio Castro detachable hood quilted coat; pushBUTTON "wallpaper" print transformable jacket. Zip it, pop it, snap it, work it. Anna in the Peace, Love, and Understanding fluorescent parka; Opening Ceremony double flare coat; Confezioni Crosby chore coat w/detachable hood; Kenzo boiled wool coat. The Peace, Love, and Understanding Fluorescent Parka comes with a set of removable velcro patches. And if you weren't sold at "velcro patches," it also has a detachable neon lining! Unbutton and wear it alone as a comfy hooded cardigan. Anna looking cute in the Opening Ceremony Double flare coat! This is our Fall/Winter version of OC's classic flare coat and can be worn with or without its short-sleeve wool outer layer. Fur today, wool tomorrow! OCNY's neighbors over at Confezioni Crosby get ten out of ten for warmth. Their Chore Coat has not one but two wool linings. The second can be unbuttoned, flipped inside-out, and worn as a hooded vest. Take that, November. Kenzo's boiled wool coat is super smart on the outside—with two rows of tortoiseshell buttons—and casual on the inside. A zip-up black lining snaps out for a more low-key look. With dropped constrast sleeves, it's like a full-length varsity jacket! Lou Dalton made this baseball jacket specially for OC. Zip off the sleeves and bam it's a vest too! Opening Ceremony's quilted lined snorkle coat is pretty much the perfect fall coat. For those days when you get the weather wrong, it has a button-out quilted lining—it's like an on-the-go thermostat. Is it a parka? Is it a cardigan? We love the Peace, Love, and Understanding fluorescent parka for boys too—complete with velcro patches! Keeping things simple, Lucio Castro's Quilted Jacket has a zip-off hood. As changes go, that's pretty low-maintenance but the look is surprisingly different. Say whaaaaat?! Last but not least, Korean brand pushBUTTON brings you a transformable jacket with zip-off tails! See it in action in the GIF: two zippers and two seconds take you from full-length tails to insulated bomber jacket!

Two-Timing: Fall Coats that Do It All!

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Fri. October 26, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
Why buy one coat when you can buy two—or even three? Having endless options doesn't have to be about going on an next-level spending spree. It can also be about smart design and smart choices. We gathered together our favorite convertible coats for guys and girls to show you your options for fall. And there are tons. From parkas with detachable neon linings and mix 'n' match patches to bombers with zip-off tails, these coats are clever with a capital C.

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