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OC Mixtape #30: GODDOLLARS of A Club Called Rhonda

BY Ezra Marcus | Mon. November 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC Mixtape
Sultry diva vocals, four-to-the-floor thrust, ocean-deep vibes, New Order… Run, don't walk to grip this contagious house and disco workout from LA's Loren Granic, aka GODDOLLARS. As resident DJ and co-founder (with Gregory Alexander) of A Club Called Rhonda, GODDOLLARS spent the last four years establishing a haven for laissez-faire partying and superlative tunes, breaking ground in a scene often dominated by copy-paste mega-raves and clubs with mandatory bottle service. The movement revolves around Rhonda herself, a disco demigoddess whom GODDOLLARS and Alexander invoke through stunning flyers, lavish stage design, and guest DJs both legendary (Cajmere, Nicky SIano) and cutting-edge (Bicep, Physical Therapy).

When asked about his "Air Rhonda" mixtape for OC, GODDOLLARS replied, "This mix explores the fearless history of American aviation: far-out people flying sky-high and exploring deep into each other's tender crevasses. Eroticism has nowhere to go but up." Catch the party's next installment on 11/9, and peep my Q&A with the Rhonda team below for the scoop on her wardrobe, mysterious teenage years, and upcoming record label.

OC Mixtape #30: "Air Rhonda" by GODDOLLARS of A Club Called Rhonda by OpeningCeremony

Ezra Marcus: Describe what one might find in Rhonda's wardrobe.
GODDOLLARS & Gregory Alexander: You would find a lot of extreme pieces. She’s not one to fall in with the crowd or tread lightly through fashion; she likes to make a splash whenever she enters a room. She wears a lot of daringly skin-tight and skin-baring pieces as well as a some more dramatic proper looks. She’s a woman of the world, so she’s collected a lot of one-of-a-kind accessories and accents, but her staples are usually in red or black. She also LOVES shoes. The higher the heel, the better––although she’s always a sucker for a classic stiletto pump. She might throw on some large black sunglasses, some sexy lingerie, and a lightweight thigh-length coat and be ready to go, wherever the night takes her.

EM: What music would Rhonda have danced to as a teenager?
G & GA: Whether Rhonda has ever even been a teenager and when that was is questionable. But she has danced to a ton of great music over her years, from artists like Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Masters at Work, Daft Punk, Grace Jones, Moodymann, Black Box, Dimitri from Paris, Cajmere, Felix Da Housecat, Juan Maclean, and many many more...

EM: What epic club nights from the past inspire Rhonda?
G &GA: Rhonda is greatly inspired by clubs like Paradise Garage, The Loft, Hacienda, Studio 54, The Gallery, and Danceteria.

EM: Describe the sonic aesthetic of the Rhonda International record label.
G & GA:The Rhonda International label will mainly feature connections we’ve made through Rhonda. From young, raw, virtually unknown talent bred in the Los Angeles area that have found a home at Rhonda to seasoned players in the game, who we’ve shared bonds with and want to release new musical ventures or one-off special tracks for.

EM: How did the masterminds behind Rhonda first meet?
G & GA: We met back in 2003 through a mutual friend. We were both pretty fresh out of high school and ready to party hard. A couple of years later we were living together in a loft in downtown L.A. and started to throw parties both at our loft and in other warehouses in downtown. After a few fun party vacations, we started conceptualizing Rhonda along with two other friends at the time. From there, she was born at Guatelinda in East Hollywood.

EM: Fill in the blanks.
G & GA: Rhonda is a QUEEN BITCH who loves to PARTY HARD. You'll never catch her without A COCKTAIL. She has the body of A GODDESS, the style of A SUPERMODEL, and the voice of A SIREN. If she were queen of the world, she'd declare 24-HOUR LIQUOR LICENSES AND A DRAG DRAFT AT AGE 18 INSTEAD OF A MILITARY ONE.

EM: Anything special coming up from Rhonda?
G & GA: We have quite a few parties lined up for the fall. We just recently made our second trip to Toronto and are planning to do a bit more traveling for Rhonda soon. And then, of course, the record label, which is slated for release at the beginning of next year...

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