Covernat x Dickies blouson and short pants in black Covernat x Millet Mountain parka in green/orange Covernat x Millett Mountain parka in black/blue Covernat N-3B Parka in beige Covernat down hooded parka in black Covernat sport coat 2 in black Covernat hoodie in grey/navy Covernat Outer C.P.O. Shirt in red Covernat round placket shirt in navy Covernat oxford button-down in purple Covernat traveller hat in brown Covernat x Dickies work cap in black Covernat brain skull resin keychain in magenta Covernat crazy cat resin keychain in yellow Covernat peanut skull resin keychain in orange Covernat magic mushroom keychain in blue

USA vs. Korea: Covernat

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Mon. October 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
This season, OC introduces Korean brand Covernat. Based in Seoul, Covernat is a menswear line that's all about creating the best possible products using the best possible suppliers. For example, this season the team wanted to make all-black denim wear, so they called up Dickies (blast from the past!). The resulting double-denim jacket and shorts set is full of skater-kid-at-the-mall authenticity.

For fall, Covernat also teamed up with Millet Mountain. The French outdoor outfitter has been kitting out mountaineers since 1950, and the collaborative Covernat x Millet parkas combine professional weather-resistant details with bright Covernat-chosen colors. Finally, we also stocked up on Covernat's mainline menswear. Prep for winter with down-filled parkas, denim suiting, plaid shirts, and neon skull keychains!

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