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A New Desire at OC Tokyo

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC,Culture Club
Of all the possible doodles in geometry notebooks past, it’s doubtful that any compare to what Cary Kwok can do with a good ballpoint pen and some paper. The London based hair stylist and artist first studied at Central Saint Martins and worked at Jimmy Choo and Sergio Rossi before exhibiting his art at Herald Street Gallery. However, it is perhaps his experience as a designer that inspired his first Desire series, which pictured international array of women drawn with one thing in common: a major shoe fetish.

In Desire (Series 2), which opens at Opening Ceremony’s Japan store on Wednesday, April 7th, Kwok again explores his penchant for foreign affairs – though the desire exhibited here is one that deals with material novelties, each different for every culture depicted. The pastiche of eras and cultures explores a fetishism of nationality, as each woman adapts a foreign culture to her own. Check out a preview of the exhibited works here, as well as some of Kwok's past works. Warning - some are NSFW.

Opening Ceremony Tokyo
Wednesday, April 7th
4th Floor, 6PM

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