A stack of Fall/Winter 2012 hats, made using a swirled vintage block A Yestadt pillbox for Thom Browne! <3 this felt cap Lace, leopard, and straw for spring A block Molly chose for the fall collection. Each hat is shaped by hand using the wooden mold, and the top and bottom can be mixed and matched for diffent styles. Spring caps with lace by the French master, Sophie Hallette Spring baseball caps with lace veils! Molly, outside her studio in Nolita

In the Studio with Molly Yestadt

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Thu. September 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM | In The Studio
The dancing kids in Yestadt Millinery's fall video (below) definitely looked familiar. "We met them on the subway!" Molly explained when I met her at her studio last week. "This young kid, David, walked onto the train and started to do hat tricks with a tiny boom box!" And so she and her boyfriend decided to film him doing his best moonwalk—not in an MJ fedora but in her new collection of pony-hair baseball caps.

Since Molly started Yestadt in 2008, with her childhood friend Jane Pincus, the idea has been to make classic styles feel fresh again: "It was obvious to us that there was a gap in the market for interesting, young headwear." So Molly uses traditional techniques and vintage blocks before throwing materials like leopard-print pony-hair and cashmere into the mix, creating pieces that have popped up everywhere from Thom Browne's runway to Jane's wedding earlier this year.

This season, Molly made two styles just for OC. Check out the OC-exclusive leather and pony-hair, and leopard and print, caps here, and take a peak inside Molly's studio below!

Photos by Brayden Olson