"This is me at my friend's house in Shelter Island the weekend before the show. I'm posing in front of a vintage gym sign wearing something I borrowed"

"My intern Molly using her severe eye to go over the garments" "This is my stylist, Michael Fisher, photographing looks on models. This becomes a bit of a chess game." "This is Michael at our pop-up photo studio at the Standard. This was taken a few hours before the show." "Casper [the model], adding a Swedish surfer edge to a reverse terry crew top"

"Jewelry and arch bands knitted in collaboration with Elyse Allen. These added a little extra something to the woven rubber sandals I used for the show (which I purchased in Chinatown for $5 a pair!)"

"Molly, a blond angel" "Model cards" "Models making friends" "That's Idan Bitton, our in-house lookbook photographer in the background" "Trying on the jewelry" "Another fitting at Michael's studio" "Me, timing the walk to the music"  "The end!"

OC x NYFW Camera Diary: Lucio Castro

BY Gillian Tozer | Mon. September 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM | A La Mode
In the bustle before NYFW, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers. The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. So now that we've seen what came down the catwalks, it's time to take a peek behind the scenes!

We left Lucio Castro's Spring/Summer 2013 show feeling like we'd just taken a summer vacay, thanks to his fresh-faced (and topless) models, lightweight button-downs, vibrant suiting, and simple swimwear. So how did it come to this? Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes shots taken by Lucio and his team.

Gillian Tozer: Describe your SS13 collection in three words:

Lucio Castro: Detailed, clean, and elemental

GT: How did you cast your models for the show? What look were you after?
LC: I wanted models that looked like perfect, regular guys. It's hard to use "regular" guys as they often detract from the clothes. Models have a great capacity of becoming slightly invisible. For this show, I wanted long hair so I asked the groomer to have them look as though they have just had a dip in the ocean. I like that salty and very satisfying feeling of swimming in the sea.

GT: Why did you choose Neu! for the show's soundtrack?
LC: Neu! has a great beat. It's clean, primitive, and amazingly sophisticated

GT: We know you're into films, what was the last film you downloaded or went to see?
LC: This past weekend I saw The Master and Blue Sunshine

GT: Show's over, now what?
LC: I have been throwing inspiration, yarns, and  detailed sketches into my "fall/winter 2013 folder." I'm very excited about the new collection!

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