OC x LFW: Marques'Almeida SS13

BY Dot Burns | Mon. September 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM | A la Mode
The buzz at the Portico Rooms was clearly discernible as a crowd of loyal Marques'Almeida supporters and new converts made their way to their seats for the SS13 show. A taste of summer too-soon-over was in the air, but as the show started to an instrumental of Bran Van 3000's classic tune "Drinkin' in LA," the crowd was transported to the next realization of Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida's distinctly beautiful approach to natural fabrics.

Season to season, Marques'Almeida takes denim to new levels, and this collection was no different! As the first girl––an imagined young creature on a night out in the early noughties––hit the runway, a new tone was instantly recognizable. The M'A girl is known to be neo-grunge and defiant, but this season she is sweeter and girlier. Nostalgic nods to the late 90s and early 2000s brought back the spaghetti strap and the halter neck, whilst moss green denim was appliquéd with hand-sewn flowers and summer fur, a beautiful shredded chiffon in softest lilac that draped non-chalantly across the shoulders of some of the later pieces.

Some of the most interesting looks combined the super-soft cheesecloth fabric that the designers have championed consistently for the past few seasons and an incredible off-white flannel-style knit, which came in the form of a beautiful oversized jumper and a dressing gown-style coat. The perfect snuggly antidote to British summer! Shoes retained their heaviness of seasons past but with an added summery feel, as straps were made of string and open toes ruled. From editors to OCers, I can tell you right now that next-season Marques'Almeida will be a hit!

Photos by Harry Carr

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