Photo by Shannon Stiggins

OC x NYFW: The Doorman Diary of Zac Nichols

BY Sofia Cavallo | Sat. September 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM | Culture Club
The Acme door this NFYW was a tough one, as anyone who didn't get into the Rodarte afterparty or the Marlborough Gallery event celebrating Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman's newest show would know. And for this you have Zac Nichols to thank. Zac, whose approach to parties verges on the scientific ("Everyone who enters a room changes the chemistry of that room."), is all about the right kind peeps with the right kind of energy to produce that great atmosphere that comes with a happy headache the next day.

Celebrity it's been really hard not to fan out on as I let them in: Salman Rushdie and Ira Glass.

Who rolls with the biggest entourage? I will never tell, I want them back.

Best outfit/article of clothing you've seen on a partygoer this fashion week: Black bow heels by Alexander McQueen

Best party so far this fashion week: The Rodarte afterparty

Party I wish I'd gone to but had to miss because I was working the door: Theophilus London at Rose Bar and––it wasn't a party––but the Jill Stuart show with DJ Brendan Fallis

I will never let you into the club if you're: Aggressive, rude, highly intoxicated

I would definitely let you into the club if you're: Polite, on the list, positive

My favorite thing to do during daylight hours: Go to galleries, talk about restaurant and bar design. Eat at new places, volunteer with the elderly.

What is the most ridiculous...

Name someone has dropped: Mine and once, my dog's name

Outfit someone has worn: A Spiderman costume

Thing someone has offered to give you if you let them in: Cash, kisses, and underwear

Pick-up line you've heard between people on their smoke breaks: Boy: "You're better looking in the light."

Thing someone has said to you after you've denied them: People say nasty things all the time, but I more often remember the nice things people say after I've denied them. Once after I said no to someone, they said it felt like the best breakup speech they'd ever gotten.