Daisuke (far right) and friends

OC x NYFW Camera Diary: N.Hoolywood

BY Sofia Cavallo | Fri. September 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM | A La Mode
In the bustle before NYFW, we dispatched cameras to a handful of OC designers. The aim: to see how many snacks, coffee runs, and late-night pizzas go into making a collection. So now that we've seen what came down the catwalks, it's time to take a peek behind the scenes!

Leading up to his SS13 show, Daisuke of N.Hoolywood took the OC disposable cam to the streets of NYC, where he snapped the art and the vibe that informed his graffiti-inspired collection.

Sofia Cavallo: If you had to describe the collection in 6 words or less, what would they be?
Daisuke Obana: Civil rights, doodling, contemporary art, seriousness, spray, the present.

SC: What sparked the interest in graffiti when designing for the new collection?
DO: Seeing the art and graffiti everywhere in the city.

SC: Who are your favorite graffiti artists of all-time?
DO: Blek le Rat, Shadu, Banksy, Zevs, and Krink.

SC: What is your favorite tag these days?
DO: Mine. I've been using the same tag for 15 years, but recently it's been updated by an artist.

SC: Can you talk about what the words "the faith of graffiti" (the message emblazoned on the caps in the SS13 collection) mean to you?
DO: I bought a book of photographs calles The Faith of Graffiti about six years ago. The book is a collection of doodles on the wall that were not acknowledged as graffiti art at the time (around late 70s). I simply took the words from the title of the book.

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