hooded bomber fur jacket in navy field coat in army KNIT BASEBALL SWEATER in charcoal police sweater in navy icelandic sweater in faded black patterned rib sweatshirt in navy patterned rib sweatshirt in grey pocket sweater in deep purple pocket sweater in black/grey knit long-sleeve polo in navy standard button-down in faded denim standard button-down in white oxford standard button-down in grey oxford standard blazer in black ballistic formal pants in black ballistic jeans in faded black jeans in navy jeans in army pattern knit cap in faded black knit cap in deep purple

SWAT Team: Patrik Ervell Men's FW12

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Thu. September 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
As the resident authority (literally—as in he works in the same building as OCNY) on suiting, sweaters, and perfect pants, it makes sense that Patrik Ervell took a leaf out of the real authorities' ticket books this season. Pulling in motifs from army, navy, and police uniforms, the collection is like a top-level Joint-Forces unit. Bomber jackets with full fur-lined hoods sit next to crewneck knits with nylon shoulder patches, and khaki field coats line up alongside black suits. Making up the vanguard are Patrik staples like round-collared shirts and the classic pocket sweater in deep purple and soft grey for fall.

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