From the Bean Pole x Christophe Lemaire FallWinter 2012 lookbook contrast collar classic jacket and basic trousers in grey contrast button-down in black/white pique long-sleeve button-down in white light pattern button-down in white new argyle intarsia pullover in grey/mono BASIC ROLL NECK PULLOVER in black/white fully fashioned striped polo in grey/black light head print tee in black

New Collab, New Wave: Introducing Bean Pole x Christophe Lemaire

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Mon. August 20, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
Suggested soundtrack for wearing the latest collab line from Bean Pole: Kraftwerk, Suicide, and Cabaret Voltaire. Designer and new BP partner in crime Christophe Lemaire rides the New Wave hard for his first season. The collection, titled "Novö," does with jacquard knits and suiting what Autobahn does in synth, creating a minimal feel (monochrome button-downs) punctuated by playful bursts (T-shirts with graphics inspired by 80s cassette covers).

Christophe follows fellow fashion veteran Kim Jones in collaborating with the Korean brand and brings with him over twenty years of experience—he's designed his own line since 1991 and recently took charge at Hermès. With its light bulb prints and updated argyle sweaters, Bean Pole x Christophe Lemaire is the perfect match of Korean prep and Euro edge.

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