White T-Shirt Competition: T by Alexander Wang FW12

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Mon. August 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
Men in white T-shirts. Hot. Always. James Dean, Chet Baker, cute guys who work in coffee shops. When in doubt, put on the white T-shirt! Alexander Wang makes a really mean one. The designer's latest men's T collection is on the OC racks now and stars the slim, slouchy fit we know and love. There are classic T tees—cut long and just sheer enough, thanks to a pilly, worn-in texture—and striped long-sleeves made from soft pima cotton (Egyptian cotton's American cousin). Top off your tee with a stellar selection of hoodies, which come in everything from smooth black neoprene to bouclé terry cloth.

Shop all T by Alexander Wang here.

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