"The founder of Moschino went to art school hoping to become a painter and I  can really relate to that. He freelanced as a fashion illustrator to pay for his  studies, and his interests eventually shifted from fine art to high fashion. He  got his big break when he landed a job as an illustrator for Gianni Versace." "When I look at shirts like this one, I can definitely see how the two influenced each other when it comes to printed silk. The composition is strong; I love how the oversized blown-up dart board graphic wraps around the entire body and arms. It's wearable art with a competitive sports theme. Darts is a sport played in pubs throughout the world, especially in London."      "I'm really into the layout of this Nike shirt, it makes great use of graphic text, a signature characteristic of much of the clothing I like to collect. The word 'tennis' has a gestural quality and seems to be caught in a volley between the two rackets. I also like how the majority of the shirt is white, kind of like a comic book speech bubble. You almost want to read it out loud when you see it." "I'm into print and the west coast tribal/surf aesthetic in general. It's cool to see everything Levi's has made that isn't directly related to denim." "The tag says it all: Shirts for Jeans." "This is the most famous acronym in the world on some of the most famous clothing in the world. The design is simple, elegant, and streamlined." "Ralph Lauren's original USA collection is a basic standard of collecting classic POLO."  "I couldn't think of anything more patriotic with this amount of street credibility." "This is a perfect combo––the greatest player in the game and one of the most iconic brands in the world of vintage sportswear. These BULLS shorts are made by Starter and feature Michael Jordan's photographic print down the leg. I've had versions of this rare design on sweatpants but the shorts are even harder to find." "No one does Americana better than Ralph Lauren. This is a rare version of their signature flag knit sweater that you can wear with almost anything." "In 1992 adidas created a pro-model shoe for Dikembe Mutombo, an NBA player from Congo, Africa. It's one of the most coveted and highly praised sneaker designs of all time. They had some great TV commercials made for the them, YOUTUBE them if you have time! Mutombo signed a deal with a company called Vangrack to create gear that would match and complement his sneakers. This is a shirt from that collection featuring Dikembe's unique signature #55 shield. It's also a hooded shirt! A real 90s silhouette." "I really like how the shoes and clothing reflect elements of his African culture."  "The printed hood and sleeves have an awesome geometric pattern that resembles Kuba cloth, a traditional textile made from raffia in rural Congo."  "The winged foot of Hermes is an international symbol of sport. It's a very recognizable pop icon that many have incorporated into their company logo or crest. When I was younger I remember first seeing it on the Goodyear blimp. Here in the city, the prestigious New York Athletic Club uses the winged foot crest in their logo. The club has hundreds of members who are Olympic medalists. Ralph Lauren reappropiated the winged foot by adding the letter 'P' behind it. This white stadium coat with a large 'P-wing' patch is from RL's famous 1992 collection. It's very rare. I actually found this particular one in Tokyo." "This vintage Reebok jumpsuit is crazy. The diamond quilting is so ill and the color-blocking is great. I also really like the placement of all the text and numbers, I feel like it gives it some kind of visual balance. I would love to see someone dress this up and take it out of its original sportswear context." <br /><br />
<img src=

Brian Procell for OC at 10 Greene Street, Part Four

BY Alex Fromer | Tue. August 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC
And we're back with more Brian Procell for Opening Ceremony. Once again we talk amazing vintage sportswear at our 10 GREENE STREET store. This time around Brian shows us some rare gear you'll definitely want to get your hands on. Check out this patriotic selection of POLO Sport, Vangrack for Dikembe Mutombo, printed silk Moschino, tribal Levi's, and a Reebok jumpsuit that's out of this world.

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