Olivier snapping David and Bill David and Matt Philip-Lorca diCorcia with his brother Max Patti Astor Underground USA, 1979 Lisa at Mudd Club Maripol + Wendy at Mudd Club,1979 Chris + Dolores at Chelsea Hotel, 1979 Kevin at P'twon, 1979 Bill sat down with us to flip through a super special book of David's outtakes Steven Meisel back in the day A young David Audrey at the show's post-party held at Bill's home

David Armstrong Opens at Half Gallery

BY Alexandre Stipanovich | Thu. June 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM | Culture Club
Last night, David Armstrong's Night and Day show opened at Half Gallery. Less than ten photographs were on display, allowing each stunning image room to breathe. The Kodachrome pictures from David's archives were taken in New York in 1979, mostly at the iconic night spot the Mudd Club. Recognizable faces include Maripol and Philip-Lorca diCorcia as well as the photographer himself.

A close friend of Nan Goldin's, David is often considered to be her male artistic counterpart. The selected photos seem to focus on that moment when the party is winding down and the drugs are hurting, but the love and energy still hangs in the air. Stay tuned for the book, published by Mörel Books, to arrive on OC's shelves. Until then, check out the show, which is up through July 23rd.

208 Forsyth St.
New York, NY 10002