All the "models" in these photos live in or around Swakopmund, and are sporting OC-exclusive vellies! All images by Jason Eric Hardwick. Some of the guys even work in the Schier workshop! We loved these blue and yellow kids' vellies so much we asked the team to make them for grown-ups, too... When you outgrow your kid-size vellies, you can send them back to Schier for a discount on your first pair of grown-up boots! Your old shoes will then be donated to a kid in the village, who will send you a postcard to say thank you! These springbok boots are cut out entirely by hand, using a paper pattern. Because the process is so hands-on, no two shoes are the same! Kudu, the large antelope used to make vellies, are over-populated in Namibia and eat precious crops. Schier works with local farmers to meet the government quotas that are sadly necessary for population control. Top: HANDMADE SPRINGBOK VELLIES in white/brown. Bottom: MINI HANDMADE SPRINGBOK VELLIES in white/brown Top: Handmade Patchwork Vellies in red/leopard/navy. Bottom: Mini Handmade Patchwork Vellies in red/leopard/navy Top: Handmade Two-Tone Vellies in royal blue/yellow. Bottom: Mini Handmade Two-Tone Vellies in royal blue/yellow Top: HANDMADE VELLIES in kudu leather/navy. Bottom: MINI HANDMADE VELLIES in kudu leather/navy

The Original Desert Boot: Exclusive 'Vellies' from Herbert Schier, for Kids and Grown-Ups!

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC
Colloquially known as "vellies," Veldskoen boots (pronounced Vel-skoon) are worn by just about everyone in Namibia, from bushrangers to university students. They are the original “desert boot,” handsewn from two pieces of kudu hide. This season, we're excited to have become one of the very few international stockists of Hebert Schier vellies—and all in exclusive OC colors!

Made in a workshop on the Namibian coast, in a small village called Swakopmund, the boots are hand-stitched by a team of eight local gentlemen. The guys turn out just 20 pairs in an afternoon, taking their time to use every piece of hide and experiment with new color combinations. For the OC collection, they threw in pieces of tufted springbok hide and leopard-print leather.

On their most recent visit to Namibia, the New York-based members of the Herbert Schier team were accompanied by photographer Jason Eric Hardwick. In the words of the team, Jason spent "three months traipsing through the desert with us," and the photos to the left are the products of that trip.

Shop Schier vellies for grown-ups here, and for kids here.