OC Mixtape Series #19: PIPES

BY Molly Gottschalk | Wed. May 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM | OC Mixtape
PIPES is a name to pay attention to. The Los Angeles duo, comprised of Stevie Be and Matty Pipes (perhaps the most fitting name for a killer vocalist), has arrived on the music scene with startling success. If you've somehow managed to miss their mixtape with Paris label Bromance Records, their newly released EP, or their performances (at Ultra Music Fest, the Miami Music Conference, and Coachella to name a few), do not be discouraged. 2012 brings a lot of excitement for the pair on the rise, including a US tour that will finish in Paris and another upcoming Bromance project.

Today, they drop a brand new mixtape here on the OC Blog. So whether or not this is your first listen, get ready to make PIPES a cozy spot in your musical repertoire. I also had the chance to speak with Matty, whose infectious and charismatic personality colored the interview (below) in the very same way he lights up a stage. Matty and Stevie and going places... You heard it here first!

OC Mixtape Series #19: 'De Los Angeles à Paris Avec Amour' by PIPES by OpeningCeremony

1. Mega (Canblaster Remix) - Surkin
2. Narcotic - Louisahhh
3. I Do - Pipes
4. Find a Way (Das Glow Remix) - Joakim
5. Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Rmx) - Lana Del Rey
6. Juice - Harvard Bass
7. Turn Heads (Acapella) - Pipes
8. What To Do - French Fries
9. Sleeping - Pipes
10. Bong Coughz - Paul Devro
11. Get Close To Me Ft. Angelina Lucero - LOL Boys
12. Fake Jake - Bambounou
13. Put Cha Back In It - Dj Sliink
14. Vowel Play - Them Jeans
15. Mami (Manare Remix) - Piri Piri
16. Lean One Me (Salva Remix) - Para One

Molly Gottschalk: Tell me about you and Stevie in PIPES. Who does what?
Matty Pipes: Stevie Be composes all the beats and I do lyrics and vocals. At times we may delve into each other’s territory, but for the most part this formula works for us. Stevie’s a machine; sometimes he'll make upwards of five beats a day. I'll be in the car with him listening to music and I'll be like, “This is insane. Who is this?!” And he’ll respond, “Oh, it's something I made a couple hours ago.”

MG: How would you classify your sound?
MP: It’s hard. We often wonder who we'd be grouped with on Pandora. We’re definitely hip-hop because we have a lot of rap songs, but we also don’t stray away from House vocals like on our first EP, Sleeping. Since we’ve been rolling with Bromance Records, we’ve started experimenting more with techno beats. At the end of the day we’re not trying to sound like any one thing, we’re just trying to make music that we’re proud of.

MG: How did you guys get started?
MP: Back in 2010, Stevie spotted me at A CLUB CALLED RHONDA, which is a club-kid mainstay in Los Angeles. I’m always running around on stage and causing trouble at that party. He heard I was interested in making music and offered me some beats. What started with us hanging once a week turned into us meeting five days a week. Before we knew it, we had a collection of songs and a date for a listening party.

MG: Describe a typical evening in the studio.
MP: Our studio is in a huge music complex, so it’s often super late when we start sessions because we have to wait for all the live bands to stop rehearsals. Stevie practically lives in our studio, and by the time I get there he’s already got a slew of beats he wants to play for me. Usually we’ll just chat with the beats playing in the background until one makes me perk up. If I have something written that fits, we’ll try it out on the mic. We also listen to a lot of old school disco and R&B for references. Oh, and we watch a few episodes of The Sopranos if we need to get out of our heads for a bit.

MG: I loved your mixtape with Bromance. How did you get hooked up with DJ Brodinski, who heads the label?
MP: Thank you; we’re very proud of that mixtape and the response it has received. We were just a little group out of LA until that bad boy dropped. We met Brodi last Coachella at The Standard. We really wanted him to do a remix of one of our songs, so we were stalking him and sending him tracks every week. Hustlin’! But it paid off. Last September when Stevie went out to Paris for a DJ tour, he sat down with Brodinski, who asked us to be on his team and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

MG: Your mixtape is called "To Paris with Love from Los Angeles." How would you say Bromance is bridging the gap between LA and Paris music?
MP: Brodinski’s really made a name for himself in Europe and with Bromance Records he is forming a crew of DJs, vocalists, and promoters who make it possible for him to take his sound anywhere in the world. It really is the future of music, pushing a crew, a package, and a lifestyle. It’s that Odd Future, A$AP ROCKY, Ed Banger effect. Having a crew to be inspired from, feed off of, and lean on is what’s going to take good music into the next generation.

MG: You've had a pretty busy year, between releasing a new EP, the Miami Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Fest, and most recently, Coachella. Any favorite moments?
MP: My favorite moment would have to be during the Coachella Bromance party that we did with Black Banditz, The Hundreds, and MFG. I’m onstage performing our set and Brodi pulls me aside and says in his broken English, “Snoop is here. You must introduce him.” Just like that, I had to give a shoutout off-the-cuff to the Coachella headliner and most iconic rapper of our time, who’s standing in VIP, smoking a blunt, and staring at me. I don’t even remember what I said, just a lot of “Hell ya’s,” and “Make some noise!” Stevie immediately switched to "Who Am I? (What's My Name)" off the Doggystyle album, and the whole crowd starts singing Snoop Doggy Dogg! It was so surreal.

MG: What else can we look out for this year?
MP: Right now we’re heading back into the studio for another project coming out on Bromance Records in the fall. It’s going to be a collaboration project with our Los Angeles DJ family. As for shows, we’re planning a small tour with Brodinski and Louisahhh during which we’ll be hitting up all the Standard Hotels in the US and finishing out at Social Club in Paris.

MG: What's your go-to karaoke song? 
MP: Hahahaha, that’s so funny because I actually have a folder in my phone for when I hear a song and want to remember it for karaoke. I have a few, but my number one go-to song (if they have it) is Harry Belafonte’s "Jump in the Line." I know it’s corny, but everyone knows it and it’s always a party pleaser. After that, I'd probably do some Nirvana. I don’t like to do rap karaoke, because rap is so personal. It doesn’t make sense to sing someone else’s diary like that.

MG: Who do you dream of opening for?
MP: We’d love to open for or play with Frank Ocean or Drake. It’s so tricky to spit a hard rhyme and then float into a crooner melody, and these guys do it so effortlessly. It's really inspiring.

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