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Introducing Mark McNairy Apparel (and His Daughter, Daisy!)

BY Alice Newell-Hanson | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC
Cult shoemaker and Twitter savant Mark "McNasty" McNairy has just launched his first-ever ready-to-wear collection, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. Having previously designed for classic American labels like J. Press and Southwick, Mark knows a thing or two about tailoring. Bringing together New York pride and his famously razor-sharp wit, the designer decorates traditional menswear shapes—classic button-downs, chino shorts, and blazers—patterned with daisies, "I Heart NY" prints, and smiley faces.

What inspired this unusually sunny outlook? We heard it might have something to do with his daughter, Daisy. Hoping to see a softer side of Mark, we asked Daisy to ask him a few questions about his views on life, college, and making clothes.

Shop all men's Mark McNairy New Amsterdam here, and watch this space for the women's collection.

Daisy McNairy: How do you feel knowing that you’re cooler than your teenage daughter?

Mark McNairy: I ain't as cool as you, but it's nice to know young people have embraced a geezer like me.

DM: I’m going to college next year. Aside from not getting Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap in your genitals, what’s another important piece of advice you'd like me to take?
MM: That one is hard to beat. Another piece of good advice is to listen to Jackson Browne's "The Only Child" from time to time.

DM: If the fashion industry had rejected you, what other career would you have turned to?
MM: God only knows.

DM: Different collections are obviously inspired by different things. What can you say about this collection? And what consistently inspires you above all else?
MM: I don't make "collections." The moment inspires me.

DM: What’s it like working for people like Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams? And why didn’t you take me with you to Pharrell’s house in Miami?
MM: I don't work for anybody. I work for everybody and I work with a lot of people. Jay and Pharrell are true gentlemen. I am a lucky dude.

DM: How do you think you’ve managed to make such an impression on the fashion world?
MM: After 25 years of doing this, I have finally learned to be myself, and not to give a f*** about what other people do and say.

DM: I want to be a doctor, so I'm interested in helping people and making their lives better. What do you think that clothes can do for a person?
MM: Other than love and friends and family, music has been the thing that helps me get through "rocky ground." After that, it is clothing. I know how good it makes me feel to get new shoes or clothing, and I hope that I can bring that same joy to others by doing what I do.

DM: Do I get some of the clothes for doing this? I am, after all, the inspiration...
MM: McNasty taught you well. Anything you want, you got it.

Shop all Mark McNairy New Amsterdam here.
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