This Just In: Well Suited

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC
With so many fresh items popping up each day, OC's stylist Daria brings you her favorites in her new column, This Just In.

When's the last time you wore a suit? Never? Well, that's about as many times as I have, too. I did, however, wear a uniform for most of my formative years, and I must say that there's something comforting in wearing a standardized, pre-arranged, head-to-toe look. With so many full-patterned blazers and matching bottoms, there's definitely a way to work the concept with a more chill attitude. My favorite matching suit look at OC right now is this Opening Ceremony Perforated Leather Motorcycle JACKET and Matching skirt. The idea of a leather suit may seem a bit agressive, but the floral puncturing and side lacing on the jacket make it super sweet.

Since there's already a lot going on in the fabric, I opted to leave the top more minimal in texture and style. This oxblood knife-PLEATEd top by Hexa by Kuho is the perfect complement. I'm also obsessed with combining raffia and leather at the moment, so these Carven x Robert Clergerie platforms were a natural pick. And the Proenza tropical print bag? We'll that's a sure bet paired with anything!