Show-goers got to interact with artist Miky Fabrega (right) on opening night in a face-off called Drawing Me, Drawing You Myla Dalbesio's HOLY GHOST (we can make you pure) Work by Chris Puidokas and Joseph Jagos' Wanted for Being Photograph by Peter Voelker Simon Lee and Algys Kyzis' Where Is the Black Beast Desi Santiago's Desi Monster Crazy Daisy by Eve Sussman A piece made of yoga mats by Leah Dixon

SPRING/BREAK: Girls Gone Wild, NYC

BY Sofia Cavallo | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | Culture Club
Just kidding with that title. For New York's art lovers, spring break this year is far away and far more kosher than Playa del Degeneracy, Cancun. For starters, it's happening in a converted schoolhouse in Nolita. Titled SPRING/BREAK, the exhibition presents artwork chosen by 23 emerging curators based on the theme Apocalist: A Brief History of The End. The art lines the walls of the school's turquoise hallways , classrooms, and some bathrooms, and the entire experience feels like a cool parent-teacher conference. Works range from sculpture to performance art, and featured artists include Jane Moseley, Marc Horowitz, Sage Grazer, and OC's own CHRIS PUIDOKAS. Check out our snaps of some of the works and swing by the show before it closes on Sunday.

Daily Show Hours: March 8 – 10, 2012 | Noon-9pm; Sunday, March 11 | Noon-6p