The feather pen with an Ostrich plume.

Countdown to the Ace: Maison Martin Margiela is Something to Write Home About

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | greatest hits,OC
A style perhaps as antiquated as some see letter writing itself, the feather pen has seen a variety of notable historical patrons - from John Hancock to Cher Horowitz, and now you as you write postcards home from your hotel room. This feather pen bears as much of an importance as the previous historical artifacts mentioned, as it marks our collaboration with one of our favorite and most revered labels, Maison Martin Margiela. As the first co-branding project in Margiela's history, the Maison Martin Margiela for Opening Ceremony pen features a white Bic pen adorned with either an Ostrich or a Goose plume, all in white. We propose that it may just make letter writing come back after all.